CG Week will be held at The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane.

Click here to download a full map of the university, with the conference locations marked in red.

Click here to download a map of the Brisbane city centre, with the dinner location and bus stops marked in blue.

Getting in:

    Fly: Brisbane airport (BNE). The university campus is a short distance from the airport. A taxi from the airport to UQ will cost around $50 AUD (but may vary according to traffic or time of day). If you are staying at the university residences, you can just say "St John's College at The University of Queensland", and the taxi driver should know where to go.

    There is also an airport train, but it is much more expensive than ordinary public transport, and it also more complicated (you will need to make a bus connection in the city if you want to get to UQ).

    Public Transport: There are three main public transport options from the city centre to UQ:
    • Bus 66, which leaves underground at the King George Square stop in the city, and arrives at the UQ Lakes bus stop on campus. This is fast, but finishes early in the evening.
    • Bus 412, which leaves from Roma St (across the road from King George Square) in the city, and arrives at the UQ Chancellors Place bus stop on campus. This is slower, but runs late in the evening.
    • There is also the CityCat, a ferry that runs from the university to the city. This is very slow but very pleasant.
    You can buy bus and ferry tickets on board, but if you plan on catching these often then it will be cheaper and faster to buy a Go Card. You can get a Go Card on campus at the newsagent next to the Wordsmiths Cafe, or in the city at the newsagent at the intersection in the centre of the Queen St Mall.

    See the maps (linked above) for the locations of the bus and ferry stops on campus and in the city.


You have two main options for accommodation:

  • We will reserve a block of rooms on campus at the university residences:
    • All rooms are individual, but bathroom facilities are shared. The rate will be roughly $75/night (Australian dollars), including breakfast (and no other meals), though the exact figure will depend on numbers.
    • The residences are on the perimeter of the campus, and are a pleasant 10-minute walk to the lecture halls.
    • If you wish to reserve a room in the university residences, please URGENTLY mail Ben at Since the next business day is the start of the conference, it will be difficult to have a room ready for you in time.
  • Hotels are readily available in the Brisbane CBD, and the university is a short (10-15 minute) bus ride from the city centre.

Child Care

There have been no requests at this stage for child care, and since the conference starts in a few days, it will no longer be possible to arrange this.